Pokemon go the 2016s best augmented reality game is on everyone's mind. Before knowing more about the game lets know what does a augmented reality game have extra ordinary which makes it different from the other games. Augmented reality games have a view and of the original world made up by supporting the graphics , sound, videos with the help of the technology to let the player of the game experience a supplementary real word gaming. There are a number of the augmented reality games in the market which have been one of the best games to be of their time. One among this is the present ongoing trend of pokemon go which has taken the worlds attention -

Pokemon go a game made on the cartoon series called pokemon is a free to play game. The game is developed by NIANTIC and the game is a augmented reality game. There are some games that dont need wifi but Pokemon is not one of them as it needs internet to work. The game was released by  NIANTIC in july 2016 for a couple of countries in the starting. The game was released for the apple watch users, ios users and android users as well. In the game you are a pokemon catcher who roams around the street and catches pokemons. Meanwhile you also have to train your pokemons , fight battles etc.

You move in the pokemon world as your virtual world as you move in the real world and finds the pokemons when they come in contact with you while moving. This happens with the help of your GPS of the device which the game uses for augmented reality experience. To play the game you will start the game and move on to the streets of your town in real to move your player in the virtual world. While moving if any pokemon is near you your radar will show it and you can catch the pokemon by throwing the pokeball to catch it.

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You can get more pokeballs on pokestops which are located at some of the interesting places of your city. It might be possible that your city dont have a pokestop. Whenever you start the game you get the option to customize your trainer, do it well on his / her looks as other players can see your trainer on your profile page. In this journey you have to fill up your pokedex with the pokemons and evolve them which will happen slowly as you play and will also lead to increase your level in the game. As the level of your game increases you can catch more pokemons which are powerful and cannot be caught by those who are beginners.

To catch some pokemons which are not easily available near your area you need to go near specific places for example water type pokemons can be seen or found only in areas with water bodies. Once you gain a specific level in the game you will asked to join a gym and assign a Pokémon there.

Make a good team and train your pokemons and make good defence. Foe ease of playing the the Pokémon go game the company has also launched Pokémon go plus which is a digital device used by the players so that they can get the useful information regarding the game like nearby Pokémon's etc without using their smart phone. The device is like a watch connected via the smartphone through bluetooth. It informs the player regarding any activity through vibrations or LED lights.

The augmented reality feature of the game gives it a good experience of gaming to the users. Hope the above information mentioned help you about knowing the game.

Pokemon Go: everything you should know and apps like Pokemon Go

Top 4 apps like Pokemon Go

Augmented Games are the most realistic games that you can play. With Pokemon Go that took the world interest by storm shows that augmented platform games are very cool to play.

In Tutuapp, you have to get out there in the reality to catch Pokemon and do other stuff that Pokemon Go provides. That’s what Augmented reality games are called. You will get the experience as if you are doing the task to complete any specific objective that the games tell you to do.
Pokemon Go is an enormous example of AR (Augmented reality) Game which was released by Niantic with collaboration with Nintendo. But in this article, we are not going to talk about Pokemon Go as an augmented reality game. We will talk about those apps and games which are also augmented you can Augmented reality games other than Pokemon Go.

So let’s look up to some of the best-augmented reality Games for smartphones (Pokemon Go is not included).

1. Ingress – Ingress is a very great augmented reality game, and the best part is that this game is also created by Niantic. The game is very similar to Pokemon Go. You have to roam around to find portals and build portals etc. You also have to choose a team and fight against your opponents. You have to hack as many Portals as you can to progress in the game. You might have to go to many places in the real world to hack different portals.
2. Real Strike – The Original augmented reality FPS gun app –This first person shooter will give you an amazing user experience. This game was made by Yii international. In Real Strike, all your surroundings in real life will turn out to be a military base where you can fight and war. You have 25 weapons to choose from. The graphics are cool, but the augmented concept makes the game even cooler.

3. Life is Crime – Life is Crime is a more like a thriller game which is based on the concept of Mafia and crimes. This augmented reality is fun to play especially if you are into Mafia type of things. You can join teams and have a group chat with them about your mission and plans etc. Rewards are awarded for each win. You can fight gangs of other teams to win territories.

4. Zombies Run – A very fun and intuitive way of implementing augmented reality game. Zombies Run could be ideal for those who wants some fun while jogging and wants to push themselves a little more fitness. The game surrounds Zombies in your area through the augmented concept, and you have to run according to it. The sounds are also very realistic that you might want to put your earphones also while playing this game.

5. Parallel Kingdom MMO – Parallel Kingdom MMO is an augmented reality game as well as a strategic game. The game is about kingdoms and wars that used to happen ages ago. The augmented reality part is that the areas or ground in which you are playing becomes your base or the area where you have to do different activities. You have to complete many quests and say monsters which are quite fun.

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So these were the best-augmented games other than Pokemon Go.